The Solution for
Precision Medicine


At Indivumed, we keep the patient in focus.
In our drive to individualize the diagnosis and treatment of cancer,
nothing is more important.

We are a physician-led, integrated global oncology company. Our goal is to unveil the complex mechanisms of cancer, in order to support precision oncology. Only a multi-omics approach can achieve this goal – and reliable multi-omics require especially high-quality biospecimens and data.

Through our three divisions, IndivuServ, IndivuType, and IndivuTest
we offer specialized products and services that support our customers in biomarker and target discovery, drug development, clinical trials, individualized therapy and more.

Tissue: Mean ischemia time  <10 minutes.
Blood: Immediately cooled to 4–8°C and processed in <4 hours.

Indivumed is your partner for:

  • Basic research
  • Biomarker identification and validation
  • Target identification and validation
  • Drug development
  • IVD/CDx development

The Premium Resource

Indivumed’s multi-omics analysis approach is only possible thanks to
the quality of our samples.

To ensure this level of quality, we apply “The Indivumed Standard” to the collection and curation of our biospecimens and its corresponding clinical data.
Over 100 standard operating procedures, developed through 15 years of experience working side-by-side with surgeons and pathologists.

All samples and data come from our continuously expanding network of leading hospitals and clinics across Europe, America, and Asia, providing us with the widest variety of biospecimens across ethnicities.

IndivuServ utilizes these samples to offer a portfolio of quality biobank products and services, supporting biomarker discovery and validation, drug development, and companion diagnostics.

Understanding Cancer Phenotypes is Key

Having this incomparably high-quality tissue and data then allows the multi-omics approach: breakthrough techniques to provide complex data and precisely describe cellular mechanisms to a depth never achieved before.

Through the IndivuType database we offer researchers access to a library of thousands of cases utilizing clinical and multi-omics data, making this an unparalleled resource with which to speed up discovery and development.

The knowledge and expertise accumulated through our various activities is translated into actionable information at IndivuTest. This division, available only in Germany, offers scientific analysis to support physicians in identifying potential targets and compounds for personalized oncology.

By integrating the knowledge generated in each of our units we develop a comprehensive understanding of cancer and its processes.

Indivumed – your reliable partner in personalized oncology.