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Press: Indivumed Announces an International Partnership with IMCB

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News: Indivumed opens US-Headquarter in Frederick, MD

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Press: Indivumed and IMCB to build the first global, multiomics cancer database

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Indivumed –
The Solution
for Precision
in Cancer

A global phenomics solution to individualize the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Indivumed GmbH is a physician-led, integrated global oncology company with the world's premier high-content tumor database and highest quality biobank.

The company was founded in 2002 by leading scientists to establish what is now considered the most advanced approach to biospecimen and clinical data collection, preservation, and analysis.

We are headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, with a US-based subsidiary and a global clinical network.

Our mission:To make individualized diagnosis and treatment of cancer on a global scale possible. 
Our objective:To reveal the molecular and environmental realities of cancer, one patient at a time.

A Joint Purpose

Pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic researchers partner with Indivumed to secure phenomic datasets for biomarker and assay development, clinical trial support, device development, and more. Physicians and patients use Indivumed’s IndivuTest division for analysis and treatment recommendation for personalized oncology.

In supporting the development of new cancer research, diagnostics, analysis, and therapies, our core expertise comes from a unique oncology infrastructure that combines oncology surgeons, surgical nurses, oncology practitioners, pathologists, molecular biologists, biochemists, biostatisticians, and laboratory technicians.

This infrastructure bridges medical and scientific institutions and takes advantage of the specific expertise present in different environments such as operating rooms, pathology labs, and molecular and biochemical labs.

By using an integrated and holistic network of experts, we drive our vision of a tomorrow that eliminates cancer in every patient.


The Highest Quality
Oncology Services

Our range of services and products is tailored to your needs in translational and clinical research and molecular diagnostics. We have created a phenomic data resource, paired with integrated scientific expertise and experience unlike any other, available to support your research. 

Clinical Data and Biospecimen Data 

Indivumed routinely collects human biospecimen from patients suffering from a variety of cancer types, together with up to 320 annotated data points per patient.

We are able to provide comprehensive clinical data sets collected under the same SOP from our global clinical network. At present, we have data from more than 30,000 patients with 10,000 new additions annually.

These comprehensive sets of clinical data are collected from medical records, notes taken during surgical tumor resection, and extensive interviews with patients and treating physicians, following strict ethical standards.


The Indivumed Standard

Research shows that success in individualized cancer care depends on an agile and efficient standardized tissue- and data-processing approach, as anything less than this limits the development of clinically meaningful diagnostic biomarkers and anti-cancer agents.

Utilizing 15 years of experience working side-by-side with surgeons and pathologists, Indivumed has developed more than 100 standard operating procedures (SOP) that cover the biobanking process in clinical systems worldwide. Every day, a team of dedicated and highly trained staff is available to ensure identical standards in numerous hospitals across the US and Europe.

In our approach: tumor tissue, matched normal tissue (both fresh frozen and formalin-fixed), plasma, serum, and urine are collected using identical and groundbreaking standard operating procedures. Tissue is processed in the surgical suite and fixed in most patients in under ten minutes to preserve the molecular and biological tumor profile as it is present in the human body.

This commitment ensures an unmatched biological sample of the highest quality which is then characterized and analyzed by acknowledged experts in their fields.

This “Indivumed Standard for Biobanking” is firmly established and acknowledged as synonymous with unparalleled quality. We are globally recognized and trusted as setting the gold standard for biospecimen and clinical data collection.

ISO-Certified Expertise

Indivumed’s long-standing biobanking expertise is ISO 9001:2015-certified and includes strict protocols for tissue sampling and processing with regards to crucial parameters such as tumor region, ischemia time, and information management. The QM system covers all of the tissue collection and processing, intra- and postsurgery, within the surgical suite.

Download the ISO-Certificate