Join us in a new, exciting future for Indivumed

On April 1, 2023, Indivumed and Crown Bioscience completed the acquisition of IndivuServ, Indivumed’s services business. This results in two separate companies: Indivumed Therapeutics and Indivumed Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Crown Bioscience.

The level of high-quality services and research partnerships that Indivumed’s customers can expect in the new constellation will be enhanced. Drawing on their unique strengths, both companies will join forces to create a new precision oncology powerhouse.

Please select the company that is the most suitable partner for your needs.

Indivumed Services a Crown Bioscience Company

Comprehensive Biobank products, laboratory services, and research partnerships.

•  Biospecimen
•  Immuno-Oncology
•  Biomarker Discovery and Validation
•  Drug Profiling

Indivumed Therapeutics

AI-assisted advanced analytics for novel discoveries  
in multi-omics-based oncology R&D.

nRavel® Rx: Target Identification and Validation,  
In-silico and In-vitro
•  Patient-Based Target Discovery
•  Patient-Based Cellular Models

nRavel® Dx: Optimized Clinical Study Design
•  Tailor-Made Study Design for Your Target