Embrace multi-omics data and AI to advance precision oncology

Drive novel insights with the deepest data ever collected in tumor biology.

Which areas in oncology are covered?


Leverage our multi-omics resource to take a deep dive into the complex biology that governs oncogenic processes.

Target & Biomarker Discovery

Apply advanced bioinformatic and machine-learning tools to identify novel cancer drug targets or prognostic and predictive biomarkers.

Target &

Utilize in silico strategies to better understand the molecular mechanism of a cancer drug target or the clinical relevance of a biomarker.

Clinical & Therapeutic Insight

Gain a deeper understanding of your patient cohort through integration of molecular and clinical data-driven precision medicine approaches.

How will IndivuType advance my R&D project?

“With integrated multi-omics, clinical, and digital pathology data”

Conventional genomics-only approaches fail to accurately predict tumor progression and response to treatment.

With the world’s most comprehensive multi-omics database, the IndivuType discovery solution combines clinical and digital pathology data with genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and phosphoproteomics data. This drives a better understanding of cancer mechanisms and patient-to-patient variability.

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“With a profound medical experience and bioinformatics expertise”

Our experts have been collecting, characterizing, and analyzing highest-quality biologic samples from cancer patients for almost two decades.

With the creation of IndivuType, we have developed a revolutionary way of advancing discoveries and insights in oncology.

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“And with a powerful AI oncology analytics platform”

nRavel® draws on the unique data sets contained within the IndivuType Database.

Leveraging comprehensive bioinformatic and medical knowledge, it applies machine learning and highly sophisticated analytics across the oncology informatics spectrum to unravel the complexity of cancer.

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IndivuType in a nutshell

Unrivaled scientific resources turn IndivuType into a unique asset for making discoveries in oncology.

As a service provider in early oncology R&D or as a trusted development partner for new oncology research projects, we can support your business needs in a variety of ways.

IndivuType can help you discover and validate novel molecular drug targets and biomarkers, while simultaneously putting them in a comprehensive biological and clinical context.

We bring your R&D activities
to the next level

Novel insights
into the biology of cancer

of drug and diagnostic development

precision oncology

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In order to truly individualize cancer therapy, our service can be adapted to your project requirements. We have successfully established partnerships with small biotech as well as large pharmaceutical companies and prestigious academic institutions, both enhancing R&D activities and launching new discovery programs.