Unravel the biological complexity of cancer

A powerful machine runs at the core of our mission to support precision oncology:

What exactly is nRavel®?

nRavel® is a powerful AI platform

that combines disease models, advanced analytical algorithms, and machine learning.

It provides an unprecedented ability

to investigate and unravel the biology, treatment, and outcome of cancer.

Where biomedical expertise meets AI

nRavel® implements cutting-edge analytical technologies with integrated AI that cover the entire spectrum of oncology informatics. The nRavel® toolboxes provide the access points to the machine and its analytical applications.



Pathways & Signaling


Clinical Data


Embrace AI to advance
precision oncology

In order to truly individualize cancer therapy, our service can be adapted to your project requirements. We have successfully established partnerships with small biotech as well as large pharmaceutical companies and prestigious academic institutions, both enhancing R&D activities and launching new discovery programs.