Count on highest quality biospecimens and clinical data

in the world’s most comprehensive multi-omics cancer database.

What makes this database so unique?

High-quality specimens

By maintaining close partnerships with clinical institutions all over the world, we are able to collect biospecimens and comprehensive clinical information of the highest possible quality.

With Onco AI-Med, the Oncology Alliance for Individualized Medicine, we have also established a collaborative network of leading hospitals to conduct cancer research based on IndivuType. 

Clinical and follow-up data

Fresh frozen tissue

Liquid Samples

Multi-omics data generation

Based on next-generation sequencing and mass spectrometry technologies, we extract the deepest possible molecular information from tissue samples.

In-depth data processing

The raw data is quality controlled and processed with state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure, making it ready for cloud-based AI analysis.

The global multi-omics cancer database

Through the IndivuType Database, we provide researchers with a library of thousands of cases utilizing the most unique and complex high-quality data sets. It constitutes an unparalleled resource with which to speed up discovery and development.

Multi-omics dataClinical andfollow-upinformationBroad coverage of major human cancers, including: CRC, NSCLC, breast, gastric, liver, kidneyWorldwidecollectionnetwork Data available fortumor/normal pairsThousands ofcancer casesDigital pathologyimage data
  • Digital pathology image data
  • Data available for tumor/normal pairs
  • Broad coverage of major human cancers, including: crc, nsclc, breast, gastric, liver, kidney
  • Thousands of cancer cases
  • Worldwide collection network
  • Clinical and follow-up information
  • Multi-omics data


Whole-Protein Proteomics



Whole Genome Sequencing

Start finding truly
novel insights now

In order to truly individualize cancer therapy, our service can be adapted to your project requirements. We have successfully established partnerships with small biotech as well as large pharmaceutical companies and prestigious academic institutions, both enhancing R&D activities and launching new discovery programs.