Partnering in oncology research

IndivuServ combines high-quality biospecimens and clinical information with our own knowledge and experience. We partner with pharma, biotech, and IVD leaders for biomarker discovery and drug and CDx development to realize personalized oncology.

Through our global clinical network, using our SOPs and collection processes, IndivuServ ensures the highest quality of biospecimens and clinical data to enable the multi-omics approach.
All our biospecimens offer a usability failure rate of less than 1% for our Premium Grade and less than 5% for our Advanced and Basic Grade. Comprehensive clinical datasets complement the complete range.

Support in every way

Additionally, IndivuServ has the experience and know-how to support your research and development studies, by combining biospecimen collection and sophisticated analytical capabilities in our GCLP-compliant laboratories. When partnering with IndivuServ, immunohistochemistry, proteomics, genomics – and beyond – are available to you in a flexible and reliable way.

IndivuServ can help you accelerate your development activities and shorten time to market without compromising on quality and clinical data integrity, thus realizing the promise of truly personalized oncology.

Discover the whole range of IndivuServ products and services.

  • Premium Grade – Tissue & Fluids
  • Premium Grade – Longitudinal Cell-Free Plasma
  • Advanced Grade – Tissue
  • Basic Grade – Tissue
  • Clinical Data
  • Immuno-oncology
  • Biomarker identification and validation
  • Clinical studies
  • Tumor profiling
  • Drug testing
  • Basic research
  • Target identification and validation

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