Research Collaboration

Indivumed was founded on the premise that data is the single most essential element in driving impactful research – whether this is clinical data, molecular data, or the combination of these to provide a comprehensive phenomic profile of a patient’s cancer.

Our founding scientists have spent over a decade partnering with world-class cancer researchers in industry, academia, and national cancer research organizations to conduct the most cutting-edge cancer research. Indivumed is eager to develop true research collaboration by exchanging data, research expertise, and intellectual property, toward developing shared research objectives and scientific and commercial innovations.

Indivumed professionals are regularly published in leading journals including Nature, PNAS, Oncotarget, and Oncogene, and have collaborated with the National Institute of Cancer in the United States on groundbreaking research related to the impact of biospecimen preservation on the molecular profile of cancer tissue. In addition to supporting a vast array of drug discovery and development projects from the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and most advanced biotechnology enterprises, Indivumed has provided support to cancer research at academic institutions on more than 1,000 projects.

Cancer Database

Indivumed’s most valuable research asset is its global cancer database, which covers 22 different cancer types and is wholly unique with respect to the quality, amount, and standardization of individual patient data it has available.

With in excess of 30,000 patients having contributed annotated biospecimen to date and more than 10,000 new international patients added every year, it is a diverse and growing data resource. 

The database combines clinical information of more than 320 validated clinical data points for each patient, including long-term outcome information with highly controlled raw biological data (including protein, phosphoproteins, and DNA/RNA expression) on every patient, from fresh, fresh frozen and formalin-fixed tissue blocks from tumors and corresponding normal tissue, as well as fluids such as plasma, serum, and urine.

Most importantly, all clinical data and all biological samples are processed under identical and stringent SOPs – on a global scale. In cohorts of patients, the cancer database is enriched by molecular and phenomic data from tumor tissue.

Liquid Biopsy Opportunity

Indivumed has funded one of the largest data-rich and high-quality longitudinal plasma biobanking projects in the world. Together with one of the largest oncology groups within Germany, Indivumed launched the strategic biobanking initiative to support, among other things, the growing field of liquid biopsy research. This project tracks patients as they receive treatment on a variety of cancer therapeutics, which provides a unique resource of cell-free plasma and corresponding comprehensive clinical data for research and development collaborations and strategic partnerships.

Indivumed is eager to develop research collaborations based on this unique resource and invites any organization to contact us to explore the potential of working together.

Preclinical Drug Development

Bringing a new drug to the market typically costs a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company more than $1 billion and takes an average of 10 to 15 years. To counteract this, Indivumed supports preclinical drug development with a comprehensive portfolio of services.

Indivumed has established comprehensive molecular platforms for drug profiling to better understand drug effects and to predict the efficacy of drug compounds in the preclinical stage before moving into clinical trials. Customers can choose between primary human tumor and normal cells and intact tumor tissue.

We also offer a broad panel of technologies, such as Immunohistochemistry, Protein Profiling, and Gene Expression Analysis. And our QM system ensures you only receive the very highest quality and standards.


Biomarker Development

Prognostic and predictive biomarkers are a prerequisite for the successful development of personalized therapies and diagnostics, such as targeted cancer drugs and their companion diagnostics.

Indivumed provides extensive R&D services for biomarker assay development and clinical validation, to develop biomarkers that accurately indicate improved clinical outcomes. The service ranges from characterization and validation of commercial or proprietary antibodies to clinical verification and validation of the established assays. All development steps are covered.

The biomarker development program is supported by Indivumed’s state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, outstanding scientific expertise, our high-quality ischemia-controlled biospecimen, pathology-grade “real-life” samples from clinical studies or external partners, and biospecimen provided by our collaboration partners.

In addition, for blood-based oncology biomarker development programs, Indivumed has specifically established a superior, data-rich plasma biobank using cell-free plasma as a “liquid biopsy” resource. Based on project needs and specifications, new assays and technologies are incorporated and validated. The biomarker analysis and development program runs under ISO certification, GCLP compliance, and ICH guidelines.

Indivumed continues to build on its R&D partnerships with leading diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies in various areas and stages of biomarker development, contributing strong expertise in and a focus on oncology and immuno-oncology biomarker programs.

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