Laboratory Services

Through Indivumed’s state-of-the-art commercial research laboratory, extensive tumor biopsy collection, our direct clinical access to patients, and our biobank – controlled for pre-analytical variables – we are able to facilitate the development of personalized medicines to meet all your oncology laboratory needs.

Our laboratory team is made up of authorities in assay development and biomarker validation, applying cutting-edge genomic and proteomic expertise to guide our support of your research project. By utilizing our comprehensive range of techniques, training, and capability, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you are getting the very best services available to produce the most transformative research results.

Cancer immunology, or “immuno-oncology,” is a growing field of research that aims to discover innovative cancer immunotherapies to treat and impede the progression of the disease. Understanding how cancer evades the immune system is the basis of immuno-oncology.

We offer a wide range of assays and platforms for in vitro testing of immuno-oncology agents, including the isolation of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs), immunophenotyping, and functional assays. In addition, at Indivumed, we offer a 3D tissue model that enables the testing of new compounds such as checkpoint inhibitors, as well as the investigation of immune cell or tumor cell interaction.

In vitro immunophenotyping and cell profiling includes:

  • Preparation of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) 
  • Preparation of viable PBMCs
  • Immune cell purification for subset enrichment (magnetic bead separation)
  • FACS for immune cell characterization
  • FACS and IHC for immuno-oncology agent characterization
  • Cytokine profiling – Meso Scale Discovery for multiplexing 
  • Precision-cut cancer tissue slices (3D model) for compound testing
  • Gene expression profiling (qPCR, NGS) – genes regulating immune and inflammatory processes

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