Laboratory Services

Through Indivumed’s state-of-the-art commercial research laboratory, extensive tumor biopsy collection, our direct clinical access to patients, and our biobank – controlled for pre-analytical variables – we are able to facilitate the development of personalized medicines to meet all your oncology laboratory needs.

Our laboratory team is made up of authorities in assay development and biomarker validation, applying cutting-edge genomic and proteomic expertise to guide our support of your research project. By utilizing our comprehensive range of techniques, training, and capability, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you are getting the very best services available to produce the most transformative research results.

Indivumed has established a comprehensive molecular platform for drug profiling to perform mode of action studies in patient-derived, intact tumor tissues, and to predict the efficacy and absorption of drug compounds in a preclinical setting. These models improve understanding of drug effects in heterogeneous patient populations and help to design and predict the outcome of clinical trials.

Customers can choose between primary human tumor cells and intact tumor tissue.

Primary cells are particularly useful for the study of surface molecules and studies on a single-cell level. They can also be used to determine possible drug effects on cellular proliferation and evaluate potential toxic effects on normal cells.

The intact tissue model is based on the short-term cultivation of floating 200-400 µm slices of intact tumor tissue. With the exception of single-cell analysis of surface molecules, all assays applicable for primary cells can be used. A major advantage of using tumor tissue is the analysis of cancer cells within the tumor environment. Customers will receive a clinical report including analyses of the results, a pathological assessment, and clinical information about the tissue donors.

Indivumed's drug profiling platform allows, among other services, testing and confirmation of drug effects in a natural tumor environment, prioritization of compounds before entry into clinical trials, and profiling of drug candidates in different tumor entities.

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