August 26, 2020

Statement from Dr. Eric L. Powell, Senior Director, Oncology Research Unit, Pfizer, on the collaboration with Indivumed

„The depth of the information contained in the IndivuType database is outstanding. Together with its AI-integrated advanced analytics platform it is a game-changer for drug discovery and development programs and we are excited about the opportunity to work with Indivumed.“

IndivuType, the multi-omics cancer database, is utilized by pharma and biotech companies to accelerate oncology drug discovery and development programs.

IndivuType’s AI-integrated data analytics platform provides novel target and biomarker insights in a fast, convenient and reliable way through its unique integration of genome, transcriptome, proteome, phospho-proteome, clinical and follow up information.

Together, and through our rapidly growing clinical partner network, IndivuType will support clinical trials by comprehensive patient stratification in all main regions of the world.