January 21, 2019

Next In Personalized Medicine: Cancer-Phenotyping

Hartmut Juhl to Lead a Session at PMWC,
Santa Clara, January 23

Hartmut Juhl will be leading a session at the Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC), January 23, 2019 in Silicon Valley explaining how cancer phenotyping can move precision medicine beyond Genomics.

Session Synopsis: Genetic data have a limited impact in personalized cancer medicine without cell biological phenotype data. However, reproducible multi-omics databases are not existing, yet. The session will address the major challenge, i.e. routine collection of tissue in multi-centre studies of global scale that fulfil the preanalytical requirement for multi-omics databases.


January 23


9 a.m. -10 .a.m.


Santa Clara Convention Center 
Exhibition Hall C & D
5001 Great America Pkwy
Santa Clara, CA 95054