April 26, 2019

Ingress-health and Indivumed announce an international partnership on real-world evidence studies in oncology

Hamburg / Wismar (Germany) / Rotterdam (Netherlands) / Oviedo (Spain)

Ingress-health B.V. and Indivumed GmbH announced today the launch of an exclusive partnership on real-world evidence (RWE) studies in oncology.

According to the Robert Koch Institute in Germany (RKI), cancer is the second most important cause of death in Germany (www.rki.de). Understanding the real-world treatment of oncology patients as well as identifying the most effective/safe treatments in clinical practice is therefore of utmost importance. Still, availability of such data (“real-world” data) in oncology is scarce, especially in Europe and Germany. Based on the announced cooperation, Ingress-health and Indivumed are now able to use the unique Indivumed Liquid Biopsy RWE oncology database for future RWE research.

The database already includes more than 20,000 oncology patients, with additional patients being added every month, and provides information about patient and disease characteristics, treatments, treatment-associated outcomes as well as mutation test results. The database is built based on cases coming from German oncology clinics but will be expanded with new countries in the coming months.

According to Prof. Dr. Wilke, partner at Ingress-health, access to this databank fills a gap that existed so far in RWE oncology research. “With our Ingress RWE operations, we were able to generate epidemiological, treatment pattern and mortality data, based mainly on claims data analyses so far. But we were always missing disease-specific data and, increasingly important, mutation data on oncology patients.” Prof. Dr. Juhl, CEO of Indivumed, adds: “Our mutation data in the Liquid Biopsy databank are unique. First, all mutation test results from clinical practice are available in our database. Second, for all patients a longitudinal plasma sample collection is being done. This offers us the possibility to test for any mutations in a retrospective way – a unique capability even outside of Germany.”

Ingress-health and Indivumed offer to do scientific analyses based on the Indivumed Liquid Biopsy databank, in cooperation with all partners interested in scientific oncology data. In these studies, Ingress-health takes over the responsibility to plan the studies and to conduct the statistical analyses, whereas Indivumed takes care of maintaining and expanding the database globally.

Prof. Dr. Juhl and Prof. Dr. Wilke summarize: “The outstanding scientific expertise and infrastructure of both Ingress-health and Indivumed provide a unique opportunity to take the next step in real-world oncology research. That hopefully helps to improve treatment and outcomes of oncology patients in the future.”

About Ingress-health

Ingress-health is one of the leading European health care consultancies focusing on projects and studies around new pharmaceutical products. It conducts projects in indirect treatment comparisons, modelling, evidence synthesis and real-world evidence topics, using advanced statistical methods. Within RWE, Ingress-health conducts database studies, other observational studies and patient surveys focusing on elicitation of patient-reported outcomes and preferences. It has a specific emphasis on oncology diseases. Ingress-health currently operates three offices in Wismar (Germany), Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Oviedo (Spain). For more information see www.ingress-health.com

About Indivumed

Indivumed a global oncology research company based in Hamburg, Germany, has established the world’s leading multi-omics cancer database and biobank. Its proprietary processes and technology preserve the patterns of biomolecules such as RNA, DNA, and proteins as they existed in the human body. The cancer database contains genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, phospho-proteomics and immuno-phenotype imaging information together with clinical and outcome data, making it a unique resource for cancer research in the post-genomics era. With leading edge data analytics capabilities, the cancer library allows for in-depth understanding of the underlying mechanisms of a patient’s cancer, addressing important demands in translational research and molecular diagnostics to support implementation of personalized healthcare.

For more information see www.indivumed.com

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