November 10, 2020

Indivumed Launches Groundbreaking AI Platform to Leverage Multi-omics Data for Discoveries in Oncology

Analytics Platform Provides Insights into Cancer Biology, Acceleration of Drug and Diagnostic Development

Hamburg, Germany (November 10, 2020) – Indivumed announced today the launch of its new, AI-integrated Advanced Data Analytics Platform which will accelerate drug targets and diagnostics discoveries.  In the past six months, Indivumed has built an ensemble of cutting-edge technologies that allows the company to integrate and automate analytics across the oncology bioinformatics spectrum to unlock the enormous potential of the IndivuType database. Unique and complex datasets contained within the IndivuType database require highly sophisticated data analytics approaches which, until now, have not been available in the required setting.

The platform currently includes five toolboxes (immuno-oncology, clinical data, genomics, expression and pathway analytics), each containing a number of specific applications. Together with the AI / AutoML based on Gnosis’ JADBIO technology, this constitutes the most powerful analytics platform in oncology today. Additional toolboxes and applications are currently under development.

The engineering of this new software toolbox and its integration into Indivumed’s proprietary multi-omics cancer database, IndivuType, “is a game changer,” according to Roald Forsberg, VP Oncology Informatics at Indivumed. “It allows us to unlock complex layers of multi-omics data in a streamlined fashion to speed up the discovery and insights of therapeutic targets and biomarkers.” It also provides a deep understanding of cancer biology in individual patients with the ultimate goal of guiding targeted therapies.

“The ability to understand and utilize data has been greatly advanced by recent developments in the fields of AI, machine learning, and systems biology,” said Dr. Jonathan Woodsmith, Director of Advanced Analytics and AI at Indivumed. “In our AI Platform, we have combined key elements from these areas to create a revolutionary new way of generating discoveries and insights in oncology. The performance of the platform has already been proven in a variety of successful target and biomarker discovery projects.”

As the world’s most comprehensive multi-omics database, IndivuType provides a combination of genomics (whole genome sequencing), transcriptomics, proteomics and phospho-proteomics data of matched tumor – normal pairs, together with clinical and follow up information from patients around the globe. While conventional genomics-only approaches fail to accurately predict tumor progression and response to treatment, the integration of multiple -omics layers provide a clear picture and a better understanding of cancer mechanisms and patient variability in treatment response.

“The development of this unique AI platform by our software engineers and data analysts is a major step to transform Indivumed into a digital biotech company in oncology,” said Dr. Hartmut Juhl, CEO and Founder of Indivumed. “Based on 18 years of science-guided, standardized tissue collection in a global clinical network, we have established the first multi-omics database. Now, with this AI Platform, we are positioned to fully realize our vision of advancing personalized oncology and are a trusted global partner for drug and diagnostic development.”


About Indivumed

Indivumed is a physician’s-led, integrated global oncology company. Our platform is an enabler for the next generation of precision oncology through our proprietary multi-omics cancer database and customized data analytics, underpinned by our global network of affiliated clinics with gold-standard quality of biospecimens. Through our unique platform, we offer specialized products and services that support our customers in biomarker and target discovery, drug development, clinical trials, individualized therapy and more. More information at

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