May 31, 2019

Indivumed launches first real multi-omics cancer platform to advance precision oncology

Integrated global oncology experts shift the precision medicine paradigm

AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY (ASCO) ANNUAL MEETING, Booth # 28121, Chicago, IL (June 1, 2019) – Indivumed, a physician-led, integrated global oncology solution provider announced at the ASCO conference the availability of IndivuType, the world’s first real multi-omics knowledge and discovery platform created to accelerate new insights into cancer biology, support research efforts and make the development of innovative cancer drugs more efficient.

According to Indivumed, in today’s era of precision oncology therapeutics, there is an ever-growing need for developing unique patient signatures. The delivery of truly personalized treatments for cancer have been stymied by limitations heretofore insurmountable: a single-layer omics approach to research; sample acquisition quality and biobank variability; and limited clinical information – all of which impede clinicians’ and pharmaceutical and biotech companies’ efforts to develop and deliver effective cancer treatments.

IndivuType is the result of Indivumed’s more than fifteen years’ experience in collecting and curating high-quality, highly controlled and protected, cancer biospecimens from surgical settings through partnerships with leading healthcare institutions around the world. IndivuType contains vast amounts of genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, phospho-proteomics and immuno-phenotype imaging information, as well as deep and rich clinical and outcome data. IndivuType is enhanced with machine learning tools and artificial intelligence.

“The combination of multi-omics, high-quality samples and cutting-edge analytical tools is groundbreaking in cancer research,” said Hartmut Juhl, CEO of Indivumed. “IndivuType offers a disruptive change to the drug discovery and development process, with the opportunity to accelerate clinical trials, enable robust protocol design and generate insights for precision oncology treatment and improved patient outcomes.” Juhl added that the company ensures quality through the IndivuType ecosystem beginning with stringent SOP-driven sample collection procedures, data validation and integrity.

According to PHRMA, an average of ten years is required for a new drug to complete the process from discovery to marketplace, and according to the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug development (CSDD), the average cost of developing a new drug is in the range of USD $2.6 Billion. Indivumed’s IndivuType, and the discoveries that come from it, will have a profound impact on both the time and cost of new treatments in personalized oncology.

About Indivumed

Indivumed is a physician-led, integrated global oncology company committed to unveiling complex mechanisms of cancer, in order to support precision oncology. Only a multi-omics approach can achieve this goal – and reliable multi-omics require especially high-quality biospecimens and data. Through its three divisions, IndivuServ, IndivuType, and IndivuTest, Indivumed offers specialized products and services that support customers in biomarker and target discovery, drug development, clinical trials, individualized therapy and more.

About IndivuType

IndivuType is a discovery and knowledge platform developed for clinicians and the pharmaceutical industry to create and accelerate new insights into cancer biology leading to better and more affordable drug development for precision medicine and the personalized treatment of cancer. IndivuType’s powerful database can forge a path to accelerate clinical trials, enable robust protocol design, and generate insights for precision oncology treatment and improved patient outcomes. The IndivuType ecosystem begins with stringent SOP-driven sample collection procedures combined with thorough validation of clinical information and data integrity.

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