May 17, 2021

Indivumed Joins KHR Biotec, Expands Partnership with University Medical Center Mainz

New Entity to Develop Therapeutics Targeting RAS Pathway Mutations in Colorectal Cancer

Hamburg, Germany (May 17, 2021) – Indivumed GmbH (“Indivumed”) CEO Dr. Hartmut Juhl and University Medical Center Mainz Professor Krishnaraj Rajalingam today announced Indivumed will be joining the newly formed KHR Biotec GmbH (“KHR Biotec”) – a spin-off biopharma company from University Mainz. KHR Biotec will develop cancer therapeutics for colorectal cancer that efficiently inhibit oncogenic signaling pathways based on patents secured through Prof. Rajalingam’s research on RAS pathway mutations. The new company will combine Prof. Rajalingam’s research and scientific approach with Indivumed’s database and AI capabilities in order to bring new compounds targeting pertinent oncogenic signaling pathways into the clinical phase.

“Supported by the tremendous amount of data and analytical tools that the IndivuType discovery solution provides, we are able to continue our rapid expansion into cancer drug development,” said Prof. Dr. Hartmut Juhl, CEO and Founder of Indivumed. “As a part of KHR Biotec, we are proud to be working with University Medical Center Mainz and Dr. Rajalingam, one of the brightest minds in cancer research, to better understand and to develop treatments for RAS pathway mutations in cancer.”

One of the leading molecular biologists working on drug development and the RAS pathway, Prof. Rajalingam will serve as Managing Director of KHR Biotec. KHR Biotec’s approach to drug development is based on several years of both publically and privately funded research conducted by Prof. Rajalingam and the University Medical Center Mainz. Indivumed has been a long-term partner of the research project, originally by providing tissue samples and lab testing and more recently by validating approaches and targets using its cancer database solution, IndivuType.

“It is truly rewarding to know that longstanding research on oncogenic signaling pathways can now be used to advance the development of cancer therapeutics for the benefit of previously unmet medical needs,” said Prof. Krishnaraj Rajalingam. “The IndivuType discovery solution offers tremendous promise in the effort to develop new therapeutic tools in the fight against cancer. I look forward to working with Prof. Juhl and the Indivumed team in their effort to individualize the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.”

The founding of KHR Biotec follows the recent announcement of Indivumed’s official expansion into target discovery and early cancer drug development. KHR Biotec will leverage advanced AI analytics and comprehensive clinical data from thousands of samples obtained under identical, highly standardized conditions from each patient contained within IndivuType, Indivumed’s multi-omics discovery solution.

University Medical Center Mainz Scientific Board Director Prof. Dr. Ulrich Foerstermann added, “With the formation of KHR Biotec, an important step has been taken in the translation of successful basic research towards practical application on patients which is the prime goal of our Research Center for Translational Medicine at UMC Mainz.”

As the company prepares for transition into the clinical phase, KHR Biotec plans to announce first clinical results in 2022.


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