January 05, 2021

A retrospective and outlook

It has been a very special year – with unexpected challenges and global uncertainty putting much of the world at a standstill. With this in mind, we are grateful and proud to look back and see that Indivumed did not stand still – in the face of these challenges, we kept moving forward.

We grew fruitful partnerships and came to scientific findings that advanced our understanding of cancer. In turn, those findings helped to make developing cancer treatments faster and more efficient. We expanded the extensive stratification of patient samples that we have collected from all over the world by growing our clinical network. We gained scientific insights through our revolutionary technology and – with a growing team – we came closer to our core goal to individualize the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

The trust, drive, common effort, and future orientation in every single member of the Indivumed team helps us move closer to our ultimate goal – understanding, and potentially curing cancer.

It fills us with pride to see what Indivumed has achieved in 2020 and we thank everyone one of our employees, partners, and collaborators as we begin to build on this foundation in 2021. A year where we will decipher the complexity of cancer biology in patient tumours for faster drug development and personalized oncology.