The global multi-omics solution
for precision oncology

Indivumed GmbH was founded in 2002 by leading scientists with a drive to revolutionize cancer treatment through individualized therapy.

As a physician-led, integrated global oncology company our experts leverage the world’s premier multi-omics oncology database and highest quality biobank to develop a true picture of cancer.
Our three divisions operate holistically with one another for the generation, characterization, and analysis of biologic samples from human cancer patients.

Indivumed is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, with a US-based subsidiary and a global clinical network.

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Company History

Since its founding, Indivumed has grown exponentially, our reputation for product and service quality and relationships expanding across the globe. We are always looking to the horizon for new partnerships and methods to support the realization of our vision.

Explore the highlights of our journey:

2022 - September

European Union-Funded Project to Result in Novel Treatment Approaches for Several Solid Tumor Types


2022 - April

It's not the date. It's the journey. Indivumed celebrates its 20th anniversary.


2022 - April

Indivumed expands its Certified Service Provider portolio of the Spatial Transcriptomics technology


2022 - January

Accelerated drug development and personalised treatments for cancer


2021 - June

Indivumed becomes Certified Service Provider of the Spatial Transcriptomics technology by 10x Genomics


2021 - June

Indivumed Launches nRavel™ AI Platform 


2021 - May

Indivumed Joins KHR Biotec GmbH


2021 - March

Indivumed Launches Spinoff Ix Therapeutics

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2020 - November

Indivumed Launches Groundbreaking AI Platform to Leverage Multi-omics Data for Discoveries in Oncology.

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2020 - September

Indivumed Announces Global Expansion of Clinical Network to Grow IndivuType Database.

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2020 - April

Indivumed Launches Global Oncology Alliance For Individualized Medicine (“Onco AI-Med”).

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2019 – May

Indivumed launches first real multi-omics cancer platform to advance precision oncology.

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2019 – April

Evotec and Indivumed announce strategic drug discovery collaboration on precision medicine for colorectal cancer.

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2018 – December

Indivumed announces an International Partnership with IMCB to establish an Asian-Centric Multiomics Cancer Database for Personalized Oncology. 

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2018 – November

Indivumed opens the new U.S. headquarter in Frederick, MD.

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2018 - January

The Salk Institute and Indivumed have established a strategic partnership to advance research in precision oncology and personalized medicine by utilizing the highest quality molecular and clinical data in cancer.

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2018 - January

Investment Plan for Europe: The European Investment Bank (EIB) will provide a loan of EUR 40m to Indivumed GmbH.

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2017 - August

Indivumed will collaborate with MedStar Health to advance our understanding of the molecular basis of cancer through collection and analysis of biospecimens and clinical data, making possible new individualized diagnosis and treatment of cancer. 

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2017 - February

Indivumed announces a partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology Madras to help develop the organization's cancer biobank and database for use in precision medicine research.

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2017 - January

Indivumed announces a partnership with Northwell Health in New York, USA, to expand cancer biobanking activities with the health care provider.

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2016 - March

Indivumed begins a research partnership with the Medical University of Bialystok.

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2016 - February

Indivumed announces a partnership with the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York, USA, to create a new human tissue and tumor biobank.

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2014 - July

Indivumed and Geisinger Health System, USA, partner for personalized medicine initiative in the US.

2013 - October

Indivumed sells Inostics to the Sysmex Corporation.


2011 - December

IndivuTest GmbH is founded as a wholly owned subsidiary of Indivumed to provide individualized diagnostics to oncologists and cancer patients as support to select the next beneficial therapy.

2010 - April

Indivumed becomes certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

2009 - October

Indivumed becomes a clinical research partner in the newly founded Otto J. Ruesch Center for the Cure of Gastrointestinal Cancers at Georgetown University, USA.

2009 - November

Indivumed is awarded and funded by the NCI as a research partner to study factors impacting tissue quality.

2008 - November

Indivumed moves to its new facility located at the Center for Innovative Medicine (CIM) in Hamburg, Germany.

2008 - September

Together with renowned cancer researcher and HHMI investigator, Dr. Bert Vogelstein (Johns Hopkins University), Indivumed founds the diagnostics company Inostics GmbH.

2008 - July

Indivumed and Georgetown University Medical Center, USA, enter into a collaboration to develop a cancer research database.

2006 - December

Indivumed wins the competition to become a "Place in the Land of Ideas".

2005 - June

Indivumed is named “Germany’s Best Company” in the Visionary Category, winning the German Foundation Award 2005.

2004 - April

Indivumed's US subsidiary is founded with offices in Kensington, MD.

2003 - May

Indivumed is awarded “Best New Company” in Hamburg, Germany.

2002 - April

Founding of Indivumed in Hamburg, Germany, by Dr. Hartmut Juhl, Dr. Carsten Zornig, Dr. Peter Layer, and Frank Oertel. Bioagency AG provides start-up funding.

Indivumed Executive Management

“At Indivumed we are united by a shared responsibility: using our unique expertise and skill sets to work toward individualized cancer diagnosis and treatment for every patient.”

Prof. Dr. med. Hartmut Juhl, Founder and CEO

Prof. Dr. med. Hartmut Juhl

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Indivumed Group

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Juhl is an entrepreneur, surgical oncologist, and world-renowned researcher dedicated to the science of tissue quality and its application to precision medicine in cancer diagnostics and therapeutics. He founded Indivumed to decipher the complexity of cancer and to enable truly personalized medicine.

Hartmut’s career started with studying medicine at the Hamburg-Eppendorf University Clinic from 1979 to 1986. He received his doctorate of medicine (Dr. med.) in 1989 and his “Habilitation” in Surgical Oncology in 1996.

Hartmut holds a professorship at the Medical Faculty of Hamburg University, is an adjunct professor at the Lombardi Cancer Center of Georgetown University, and has served as an advisor to the U.S. National Cancer Institute on matters of tissue quality for clinical and research applications.

He has led Indivumed since 2002 with a visionary entrepreneurial spirit. For this, he has received several awards of recognition.

For founding Indivumed GmbH in Hamburg he was awarded the Hamburg Foundation Prize in the category of “Founders of new Businesses” in 2003, as well as the German Foundation Prize in the category of “New Visionary” in 2005.

Together with scientists from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, Hartmut participated in defining the first Liquid Biopsy technology to analyze circulation tumor DNA in plasma samples. For that, the AACR awarded Hartmut as part of the international multidisciplinary team for the concept of “liquid biopsies” for cancer, which has led to dramatic technological advancements in detecting cancer and has defined a new field in oncology.

Being first in commercializing this technology, Hartmut co-founded Inostics GmbH in 2008, as a subsidiary of Indivumed GmbH, jointly owned with scientists from Johns Hopkins University. Inostics was sold to Sysmex Corp. only three years after its foundation.

Since 2002, Hartmut has been leading the company with a clear vision – every step financially and strategically taken, from the beginning to now, from extending the advanced IndivuServ products and services to building IndivuType, the deepest oncology multi-omics database available today and IndivuTest, directly serving patients and oncologists with scientific data for better therapy selection. All this with the goal of realizing truly personalized medicine in mind.


Dr. Susanne Arbogast brings to Indivumed more than fifteen years of experience in implementing research and development programs in the field of (immuno-)oncology and individualized medicine. This is paired with her extensive expertise in global management of the interface between pharma and diagnostics as well as her broad external scientific network.

Susanne is a fully board-certified anatomical and surgical pathologist with an academic track record of over 15 years.

Prior to joining Indivumed, Susanne held various global senior leadership positions at Roche, where she drove discovery and clinical biomarker programs spanning pharma and diagnostics to enable personalized health-care treatment for patients.
Here, at Indivumed, she is responsible for the Indivumed Global Clinical Network, cooperating with numerous university and community clinics in Europe, the US, Asia, and South America, and continuously enhancing this network with her international team. By establishing and implementing the highest quality standard in accessing and collecting patient samples and clinical data, this network forms Indivumed’s basis to be able to foster an in-depth understanding of the molecular reality.


As Senior Vice President of finance, Gudrun leads and coordinates the group’s financial planning, budgeting, accounting, and reporting requirements.
Before Gudrun joined Indivumed in November 2008, she had worked in several controlling and management positions in various industry segments. Since 1991 she has been working in an international business environment. She was the corporate controller of a German biotechnology company for nine years, where she supported the company’s IPO and was responsible for the headquarters and its subsidiaries.

Gudrun holds a master’s degree in business administration from Westfälische Wilhelms-University Münster. She also completed a stipendiary postgraduate program focused on small and medium-sized business at ITW Berlin.
She brings 30 years of professional experience in finance to Indivumed.


Nils Schumacher brings over 20 years of in-house legal and leadership experience to Indivumed, with a particular emphasis on IT- and data-driven environments.

Nils’s diverse work experience includes having served as a head of legal, an HR director, and a corporate secretary. Prior to joining Indivumed in 2017, Nils headed the legal departments of a VC/PE-financed multinational start-up and an international developer and distributor of software solutions and IT media and worked with an IT business consultancy and a US law firm.

As a qualified lawyer (degree from Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen and Bavarian state examinations) and admitted solicitor, Nils holds a European master’s degree in business mediation from IUKB Sion / University of Barcelona, as well as a degree in business administration from Hagen University.

Nils and his team ensure that all of Indivumed’s activities are faultless when it comes to regulatory demands and legal and compliance issues. Nils also serve as an additional contact for investor relations.