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January 25, 2023 Press

Crown Bioscience to Acquire Indivumed’s Service Business and Supporting Biobank

Crown Bioscience to Acquire Indivumed’s Service Business and Supporting Biobank Read more

December 23, 2022 News

Ending the year - Today. Tomorrow. Together.

Ending the year - Today. Tomorrow. Together. Read more

September 07, 2022 Press

Indivumed and CELLphenomics Announce Partnership

Indivumed and CELLphenomics Announce Partnership Read more

April 28, 2022 News

Indivumed Expands Its Certified Provider Portfolio

Indivumed Expands Its Certified Provider Portfolio Read more

Research Publications

John L Marshall et al. The Oncologist 2022 The Essentials of Multiomics Poster Marshall et al. 2021 Multi-omics characterization markers of left and right-sided colorectal cancer Poster Kerstedt et al. 2021 Spatial Transcriptomics –a valuable tool to visualize compound effect in precision cut cancer tissue slices (PCCTS) Dupont et al. 2021 Druggable genome and precision medicine in cancer: current challenges Voß et. al 2020 Differential regulation of extracellular matrix proteins in three recurrent liver metastases of a single patient with colorectal cancer Amelio et al. Biology Direct 2020, cancer predictive studies Poster Krawczyk et al. 2020 Proteogenomic characterization of colorectal cancer using the IndivuType multiomics database Poster Vowinckel et al. 2020 A high-throughput platform for proteome and phospho-proteome profiling of tumor tissues Poster Lohse et al. 2019 On the edge –taking a close look at the differentiation between tumor and stroma in digital image analysis Poster Biljes et al. 2019 Cross-validation between anti-CD3/CD8/FOXP3/pan-Cytokeratin fluorescent multiplex IHC and chromogenic single IHC by digital image analysis for quantifying tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in colorectal cancer patient samples Poster Grabinski et al. 2019 Simple Western Size (SWS) in combination with precision cut cancer tissue slices: An excellent patient-derived platform to support drug development Unger et al. 2015 Pre-analytical conditions strongly influence molecular pattern in clinical biospecimen

Product Information

Biospecimen Products

To meet all your needs in cancer research and drug development we offer you a broad spectrum of high-quality biospecimen samples including clinical data.

Applications and CRO Services

To further support your efforts in personalized oncology we offer you an holistic range of clinical, laboratory, and research services.

ISO-Certified Expertise

Indivumed’s long-standing expertise is ISO 9001:2015-certified and includes the collection, processing and storage of biological samples and clinical data from cancer patients; laboratory services and AI-advanced data analytics of multi-omics cancer data for biopharma service offerings as well as IP-generation and product development in the field of personalized oncology.

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