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Indivumed offers commonly known scientific positions as well as company specific job profiles that create a unique scientific environment.

The combination of science, biotech and informatics makes us the home of diverse talents with the common goal of unraveling cancer. This calls for special expertise - Indivumed has therefore created dedicated job profiles that give a good overview of the range of our work.


As a Bioinformatician at Indivumed you have the opportunity to develop and run state-of-the-art analytical workflows on datasets generated from extremely high-quality tissue samples.

In 2020, Indivumed launched an analytical plat- form to run a wide range of analyses on the multi- omics database, IndivuType.

This platform facilitates the linking of clinical data to systematic molecular datasets. The Advanced Analytics and AI group performs project-based analyses through use and development of this platform, with the overall goal of better understanding the molecular pathology of cancer to inform precision medicine approaches.

In this position you'll work on projects distributed across the oncology-informatics spectrum, from biomarker and target discovery to immuno-oncology related analytical workflows. Furthermore, this position gives the opportunity to not only analyze omics datasets in isolation, but to develop methods on how to integrate these molecular data types to generate a more comprehensive understanding of cancer biology across large patient cohorts.

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As a Technical Assistant at Indivumed you are responsible for the handling of the different types of our high-quality tumor samples.

This includes the preparation of fresh frozen or FFPE tissue samples, blood, plasma or isolated cells. You prepare and stain microscopic slides, extract DNA, RNA and proteins, analyze samples via qPCR, FACS or immunohistochemical methods or prepare samples for state-of-the-art omics analyses. With your work you lay the foundation for the next milestone in cancer biomarker and drug discovery.

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As a Scientist in Indivumed’s IHC Development Team you have the opportunity to manage IHC assay development projects to support international biotech and pharma customers in their oncology biomarker validation and drug development endeavors.

In this position you will delve into the literature and apply your knowledge about the latest oncology targets to develop and validate automated IHC assays according to the highest standards. You will coordinate between different departments and functions, discuss results with pathologists and scientists in internal and customer meetings, and document successful assay validations in scientific reports meeting regulatory criteria and customer expectations.

The diverse projects cover everything from transferring and validating customer-developed chromogenic IHC assays for later application in clinical trials to developing fluorescent multiplex IHC assays for application in pre-clinical immuno-oncology research, thus enabling our customers to successfully advance therapies into the clinic to improve cancer treatment and outcomes.

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As a Study Nurse at Indivumed you are responsible for collecting biological samples and clinical data in different clinical settings.

To complete a data set you also conduct postoperative patient interviews, which requires a high level of empathy. Our sample collection is highly standardized and is carried out directly by you in consultation with surgeons and pathologists in the clinics.

The direct contact and exchange with the hospital staff as well as with patients is your daily business. Besides our employees, the tissue samples and clinical data are our most valuable assets. With its collection, you take over a very significant part of Indivumed's business process.

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