March 23, 2020

Statement COVID-19 Virus – Information to our customers

In light of the situation created by the global outbreak of COVID-19, our responsibility towards the communities in which we live and operate is the guiding principle for all of us at Indivumed.

International and national authorities all over the world are emphasizing the importance of slowing down the spread of the outbreak as a way to delay the epidemic peak and avoid the collapse of our healthcare resources.

Thinking of those members of our society who are at higher risk, we want to support the efforts of doctors, nurses and other medical staff and have taken several internal measures, such as cancelling all travels, enabling employees to work from their homes whenever possible, and imposing restrictions to people’s direct interaction in those jobs that can’t be done remotely. We have also instructed all employees to follow sanitation rules as recommended by the health authorities. With this, we follow the experts’ advice to facilitate social distancing in an effort to decrease the infection rate and the speed of the virus spread.

These actions have been designed in a way that will ensure the continuity of our operations with minor disruption for our customers and partners, thanks to the commitment and dedication of all Indivumed employees around the world.

We are all in this together.