Clinical Services

Indivumed has cultivated relationships with hundreds of surgeons and pathologists in Europe, Asia, and the United States, all committed to the collection and preservation of the highest quality annotated biospecimen for clinical research purposes. 

Operating in 15 clinical partner sites and partnering with over 50 clinical oncology practices, Indivumed is pleased to offer our own clinical expertise to meet your unique requirements. Through our prospective biospecimen collection service, our clinical trials support, and our integration in a global clinical network of cutting-edge cancer clinics, you benefit from the expansive knowledge and experience that we have on offer.

At Indivumed, we are dedicated to advancing clinical research by realizing personalized healthcare.

Our clinical database and overview of patient populations in leading hospitals in Europe, Asia, and the US offer the unique opportunity to design and plan clinical trials. The Indivumed clinical infrastructure can ensure the collection of biospecimen under the highest quality standards from all major entities of solid tumors.

As such, Indivumed may serve as a partner for planning clinical trials, designing patient groups, and participating in clinical studies, which includes both the collection of tissue and other biological samples from cancer patients as well as performing analytical assays in Indivumed’s GCLP-compliant laboratories.

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