The dedication of our people makes us what we are

Cancer is something that touches all of us one way or another. That's why working at Indivumed is much more than just a job for many of us.

The Indivumed family is united by a shared responsibility: to enable individualized cancer diagnosis and development of precision medicine. From computer scientists to medical professionals, from technical assistants to data analysts, we contribute to this mission in many different ways.


Tanja & Inga

Tanja and Inga work together as Team Leads for Clinical Network Germany.

„We wanted to accompany Indivumed in its growth. We were convinced of its vision from the beginning, and we’re still convinced of it today. We like the daily challenge that comes with being a team lead – there is no stan- ding still. As team partners, we share this position and it’s important to both of us to acts as strong leads. The divi- sion of labor enables us to combine work efficiently and also focus on family life. In our opinion, more work should be done through models like this.”


As Director of Iberia Operations, Joana works to expand our clinical network in Spain and Portugal.

“Working in operations provides me with a good overview of company strategy and development. That allows me to align our goals with those of our clinical partners, to advance Indivumed’s vision to cure cancer through personalized medicine. I like that Indivumed tackles something other companies may see as an unreachable goal – combining multiomics, clinical data, and artificial intelligence to benefit every cancer patient. I believe goals are achievable only when teaming up, so I like being part of the engine that makes that possible.” 


Frank Rademacher is an MS 365 Administrator at Indivumed.

“Starting as a software developer, I loved the perfect mixture of logic, imagination and interaction with colleagues and clients to find clever solutions for their challenges. Having had cancer myself a few years ago, I found my place at Indivumed. It fills me with deep satisfaction that I can contribute to the fight against this disease.”


As Vice President Clinical Network Europe, Christiane leads our clinical teams focusing on high-quality sample and comprehensive data collection in collaboration with our clinical partners across Europe.

“As a child I was fascinated by my parents’ jobs (both M.D.s) improving lives with their passion and experience. It looks like it’s embedded in my DNA to do something similar. I love the atmosphere coming into work each day, and working with so many different subject matter experts in such a highly scientific environment. I am a team player at heart, and believe in combining powers to succeed in anything that crosses your path.”


As an Enterprise Applications Solutions Manager, Katrin is in charge of digitizing business applications.  

"I grew up with computers, which was uncommon in the early 90’s. I’ve always loved learning how technology works and exploring ways it can make our lives easier – my career was somewhat destined for this direction. Working at Indivumed is very special to me. I like to work with people, despite what some may think of those in IT. I'm interested in my colleagues and their needs, and especially what solutions I can find in collaboration with them. Everyone knows exactly what we are here for – I value this atmosphere. Our collective goal connects us in an extraordinary way."