Use your creative freedom to achieve great things

As a future-oriented company with an innovative team and an ambitious growth strategy, we are proud to offer ample possibilities to grow within the company.

Growth is just as important for you as a professional as it is for us as a company. We give you the space you need to develop your ideas and support you in systematically expanding your personal skills and professional knowledge. Our fair, honest and results-oriented corporate culture is key to this. As an integral part of our philosophy it is actively embraced by our employees.


In addition to fair pay, excellent team spirit and basics like free coffee and fresh fruit, there is a whole range of benefits to enjoy as an employee at Indivumed. Of course, there are legal and cultural differences between our locations in Germany and the USA, but the following exemplary list should give you a good overview of the advantages and perks of being a part of the Indivumed family.

Language Courses

To bring us even closer together, we offer language courses in English and German once a week outside working time. Costs and rooms are covered by the company.


We appreciate people who stay with us for a long time and reward this loyalty with bonus payments, the value of which increases significantly the longer you stay.


We understand that taking time out to recharge increases productivity and performance. That’s why we offer sabbaticals starting at a tenure of three years.

Healthy Lifestyle

We encourage a healthy lifestyle, for example by offering sponsored memberships of sports clubs or supporting local sporting events.

US benefits

Our benefits for US employees are based on European standards wherever possible. Among other advantages, we offer a generous amount of paid time off, yearly holidays and sick leave, a 401k plan, STD/LTD benefits as well as company paid life insurance. More detailed benefits will gladly be discussed in a personal meeting.