Indivumed collects and processes solid tumor tissue across all cancer types using our ISO-certified standardized protocol. This innovative and market-leading approach enables research with comparably-processed tissues regardless of whether they are derived from different tumor entities, different patients, or different clinics on the globe.

Together with extremely short ischemia times and standardized sample preparation, we ensure the best quality and, subsequently, the best research data. Our customers benefit from outstanding expertise in tissue collection (together with clinical data procurement), tissue processing, and tissue qualification, performed by our dedicated in-house pathology and data management team. All actions follow the Indivumed Standard Operating Procedure, which adheres to stringent processes to collect and preserve biospecimen. This generates samples that retain patterns of biomolecules such as RNA, DNA, and protein as closely comparable to their state when in the human body as possible. All Indivumed biobanking procedures follow strict ethical standards.

The resulting biospecimen products and clinical data sets cover the complete range of client needs.

Indivumed has established an exceptionally high-quality, data-rich plasma biobank using cell-free plasma as a “liquid biopsy” for cancer. Cell-free plasma of diseased individuals contains cell-free circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) that represents an ongoing picture of the current molecular state of the tumor disease, reflecting the complexity of cancer progression at any stage in relation to treatment.

We obtain liquid biopsies in the form of whole blood samples in nucleic acid preservation tubes, as well as comprehensive clinical data from a representative selection of collaborating oncological outpatient clinics.

Blood samples are collected from patients with a reliable oncological diagnosis (hematologic and solid tumors) prior to the initiation of pharmacological treatment and at three additional time points during therapy. As such, cell-free plasma samples allow monitoring of drug responses in a large selection of patients. Treatment decisions are based on current clinical practice guidelines.

Cell-free plasma is processed using Indivumed‘s ISO-certified standardized protocol. All available data is thoroughly cross-checked with respect to completeness, correctness, and plausibility, and finally stored in Indivumed’s database.

Indivumed provides cell-free plasma and corresponding comprehensive clinical data from cancer patients for research and development collaborations and strategic partnerships.

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