For over 15 years, the Indivumed Standard for Biobanking has been firmly established and acknowledged as synonymous with unparalleled quality.

We are globally recognized and trusted as setting the highest standard for biospecimen and clinical data collection. We offer a wide range of biobank products to support your research and development in personalized medicine, biomarker validation, drug discovery, and companion diagnostics.

Indivumed provides a broad spectrum of systematic sample quality and clinical data with Premium Grade, Advanced Grade, and Basic Grade samples from the most stringent requirements to routine and standard operations.

Indivumed is known for the ultimate quality of biospecimens with a minimized biospecimen usability failure rate of less than 1% for our Premium Grade and less than 5% for our Advanced and Basic Grade biospecimens. Our capability is to accelerate your time to market without having to compromise on quality and clinical data integrity.

Advanced Grade Biospecimens

Indivumed’s Advanced Grade Biospecimens are highly standardized samples obtained from our Clinical Routine Pathology network. These samples enable you to excel in your routine work of drug or diagnostics development along the value chain, specifically for biomarker hypothesis testing and preclinical and clinical prevalence analysis.

  • Complete biospecimen set and custom prospective collections
  • Comprehensive clinical data, including follow-up
  • Quality control by in-house pathologists
  • Mean ischemia time of tissue under 30 minutes
  • Comprehensive patient consent
  • Biomarker-analyzed tissue for mutation-characterized cancers
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